Welcome! We’re glad, you were able to stop by the Chapter’s Website. The Tselani/Cottonwood Chapter #35 is delighted to serve its  community members and continues to Strive For Greatness. But, easily said than done! Right? However, if we all work and come together as a cohesive team, we sure can make a greater change within our beautiful community. Our Elders have a very crucial and vital role within our community; which they have paved the way for our Youth. So continue to support your Chapter. The english translation for Tselani is Many Rocks. Tselani/Cottonwood Chapter is located in a rural area of the Navajo Nation approximately 23 miles SW of Chinle, Az and about 22 miles east of Pinon, Arizona, between the Blue Gap and Chinle Chapter.

            The Tselani community had its own Chapter at one time; and in 1949, the Tselani, Cottonwood and Black Mountain communities combined and became as one Chapter for the three communities. The Tselani/Cottonwood Chapter was certified by the Navajo Tribal Council on March 7, 1958 and is funded largely by Navajo Nation and Federal funds from Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services.  We currently serve 2700 Chapter Members based on the 2000 Census.

Vision Statement

The Tselani Cottonwood Chapter foresees a positive future for the community through effective management of its natural resources, supporting education and employment opportunities, promoting strong healthy families, producing good citizens, ensuring self-sufficiency and taking ownership of our community plans.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tselani-Cottonwood Chapter is to enhance the quality of life by providing services with respect and dignity while maintaining accountability and sustaining self-governance with integrity.



 Chapter is seeking Community Based Land Used Committee members.  Please submit a letter of interest to the Chapter by email tselani@navajochapters.org, fax (928) 725.3767 or drop it off at the Chapter’s Administration Office.



Check “OUR SERVICES” or Contact T.C.C for more information 

Chapter Officials

Lynn Ross, President 
Nelson Charley Sr., Vice-President
Elliot Bryant, Secretary/Treasurer 
Steven Tsosie, Grazing Representative
Crystalyne Curley , Council Delegate
Gabriel A. Freeland, Legislative District Assistant

C.B.L.U.P.C. Members

VACANT, President
VACANT, Vice-President
VACANT, Secretary
VACANT, Member
. VACANT, Member

Chapter Administration

Charlene Wallace, Coordinator
Shalena Tsosie, Accounts Maintenance Specialist
Tallis Bitsui, Maintenance/Operator
Melissa Tsosie, CHR